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Features & Floor Plans

Woodridge features quality construction and design. Conceived in 1937 by prominent architect Frank Emerson, Woodridge was built to last. The building has walls that are 18 inches thick. The roof is tiled in ceramic. Even the attic is poured concrete.

Guests to Woodridge are greeted by three crystal chandeliers casting a sparkling glow on them as they enter the foyer. They also see their reflection in a seven-foot tall oak pier mirror.

As they explore the building, guests will see beautifully restored original plaster walls and ceilings. Wood trim details the crown, cove and door openings. Chair rails and picture frame molding grace the walls adding elegance and design. A fresh paint scheme of meadow green and honeysuckle cream is carried throughout the foyer and hallways. Beautifully restored terrazzo floors add rich earthtones.

Floor Plans Lower Level Main Level Second Level

Woodridge features 50 rooms of varying sizes ranging from just over 100 square feet up to nearly 1000 square feet. Office suites range in size up to 4000 square feet of adjoining rooms.

One suite contains a full kitchen, complete with stove, sink and refrigerator. For more serious cooks, there is a fully equipped commercial kitchen with a 10 burner, two oven Viking stove with hood, stainless steel commercial cooler, commercial mixer, commercial can opener, six sinks, several freezers and walls of cabinets and counters.

Several suites include private restrooms. There are thirteen restrooms in Woodridge, most with showers or tubs; and some with lockers, as well. Bathrooms have been updated with automatic faucets and hand driers.


All offices have windows with views of green. Several rooms have windows on two or three sides. The room formerly designated as the Conference Room has seven large windows that look out to the east, south and west. This room also contains a working fireplace with a beautiful wood and stone mantel.

There are 104 window openings in Woodridge. These windows consist of 20 to 36 panes to give a large view of the surrounding landscape. The view from every window is attractive and peaceful, with trees and landscaping giving one the feeling that they are in a private park.

To learn more about the grounds or history of Woodridge, explore the Settings & Grounds link or the History of Woodridge link at the right.